Who are you?

I'm Sam. I've been a professional photographer since 1998, and freelance since 2003. Photography is my living and my passion, not just something I fit in at weekends. My background is as a press and editorial photographer, and that breadth of experience, of never knowing exactly what is coming next and reacting without panic to unexpected and changing situations, is invaluable photographing weddings, where catching the fleeting moment that cannot be repeated is everything.

How much do you charge?

My charges are based on a full day of coverage, from preparations before the ceremony to speeches and the first dance or beyond. I always give you a full boxed set of 6"x4" prints, a disc of images and an online gallery from where family and friends may order prints. I can also supply a variety of photobooks, albums and extra prints of course, please contact me for prices. Prices for a full day event start at £1200.

When do we pay?

I require a deposit to confirm a booking, with the balance due two weeks prior to the day. Albums or books ordered and paid for at the time of booking are eligible for a discounted rate.

Can we have the photos digitally?

Yes. I supply a disc or download that contains both high resolution images for printing and lower resolution images that are suitable for posting on social media sites and online galleries.

Do you do video as well?

No. Still photography is my forte and I stick to that.

What sort of camera do you use?

Photographers hate this question! Do you ask a chef what make of cooker he uses? As long as I can get the shots I want I will use any camera. However, I realise that is a cop out answer, because you still want to know what camera I use! So I use modern digital SLRs, with backup equipment available in the event of accident or malfunction.

Do you only photograph weddings?

No. As well as photographing a number of weddings each year, I continue to work regularly for editorial and commercial clients such as The Guardian, the Financial Times, Reader's Digest, The Lady, and Channel 4. You can see my editorial and commercial photographs at www.samfrostphotos.com. Although I hugely enjoy photographing weddings, working for newspapers, magazines, charities and businesses lets me photograph all manner of other subjects and events. The experience and techniques learned keep me fresh and I can bring those skills with me to your wedding. Variety is the spice of life!

Your portfolio is brilliant, but it's only a few shots. Can we see a complete set from a single wedding?

Absolutely. It is crucially important that whomever you commission to photograph your wedding, you have seen some complete albums or galleries each showing a full set of photos supplied from a single wedding. If you like what you see in the galleries on this website, please contact me and I can show you some complete sets.

Will we sign a contract?

Yes. It is a big day and it is important that you know exactly what you are getting to avoid a misunderstanding leading to disappointment. If you decide that I am the right person to photograph your wedding, I'll draw up a straightforward document outlining exactly what we've agreed. This will set out exactly what is and is not included in the fee. Until an agreement is signed and a deposit paid no booking can be considered confirmed. Click here for full terms and conditions.

Are you insured?

Yes. I have £5m public liability indemnity cover. Certificates are available for inspection if required.

Do we get all the photos you take?

No. I supply an edit of photographs taken on the day. This is typically around 200-250 images, depending slightly on how the day is arranged and the number of guests. These will be final, processed images, corrected for colour, density and crop. If there's anything specific that you want that is not in the final selection, for instance a particular shot you think I took, or another shot of a particular guest, just let me know and I can have another look through.

Do we own the copyright?

No. As is normal in most areas of professional photography, the copyright in the images remains with me. With the disc of images however, you are granted a license that permits you make as many prints, posters, mugs, mousemats, etc as you want with no further payment. What you may not do is sell or give the images to anyone else to reproduce. Any florists, venues, caterers, magazines, and so on who want to use the photographs must be referred back to me. I retain the right to use the photos in my own promotional and marketing material, competition entries and so on, but they will not be supplied for any editorial or commercial use without your agreement.

When do we get our pictures?

The prints and online gallery will be ready about four weeks after the wedding, sometimes sooner. Photobooks and albums will take around six weeks to be delivered from the time the finished layout is approved.

What area do you cover?

If I can get there (or you can get me there), I can photograph it! I have photographed weddings across the UK and abroad, and am happy to travel to wherever I'm wanted. All I ask is that if it's more than an hour or so's drive away from me in Wiltshire you cover my reasonable travel costs.

Do you employ other photographers?

No. When you ask me to photograph your wedding, it is me you get. I've worked at weddings with other photographers in the past, and find that no matter how hard you try the styles are never quite the same, and you finish up with two slightly overlapping sets of photos. While it means more work for me, being a solo photographer gives me a better overview, and lets me concentrate on telling the story of your day in a balanced set of beautiful images. If you really want two photographers at your wedding due to specific need or logistical expediency, let me know and we can discuss the options. I do work with some other photographers upon whom I can call in the event of my sudden last minute incapacitation through injury or illness (it's never happened yet!).

Can you supply albums or photobooks?

Yes I can. I do the layout and send you a pdf for approval. I work with a company which produces beautiful, high quality, fine art photobooks. I can provide duplicate or smaller books for parents or relatives as well. Please contact me for options and prices. Books ordered at the time of booking are eligible for discounted prices.