I love photographing weddings. They are such wonderful, happy occasions. Two people telling the world how much they love each other, with all their closest friends and family there to cheer them on – what's not to like?

So to be asked to photograph a couple's wedding day is beyond privilege. Press photographers like to say they are present at great events to bear witness as history is made, and that is exactly what a wedding is – the momentous event in a couple's history together.

My approach is to try to capture as natural a record of the day as possible. I prefer to be present from first preparations in the morning, partly to tell the whole story, but more importantly because I want you to get used to and be comfortable with my presence. If I make people feel at ease, although they may be aware of the camera's presence, they won't be bothered by it and will react more naturally. I usually stay until the dancing is in full swing.

I hesitate to call my approach documentary or reportage style as these terms are so often misused, but I aim for a happy mix of unposed moments that unfold before me and a few posed portraits that together tell the story of the day. However my background is very much as a press and newspaper photographer, and that fast, efficient way of working, to get the picture and be ready for the next one, is very much how I work.

While obviously you as bride and groom are important, it is the friends and family that you won't have time to speak to properly on the day (you can try, but I haven't met anyone yet who has, myself included!) that you will also want to see photos of. As well as the big moments with the key players, I want to photograph the small, quiet moments of the day that the bride and groom won't see. The best friends from university who haven't all been together for years, the various sets of grandparents meeting for the first time and sharing stories of when you were knee high to a grasshopper, the toddlers drinking dregs from wine glasses (I haven't seen that last one yet, but my mum tells me that's what I did as a toddler!).

If you like the photos here and want to know more, just drop me a line or give me a call. We can meet up for a coffee and chat about what you're planning for the big day, what sort of photos you want and see if we get along well enough for you to want me there, to bear witness as your history is made.